My name is Sean Yeterian.  My nickname is "The Yeti".  I am a retired Army Sergeant Major living in Sierra Vista Arizona.  Having left the work force for the better part of a decade I have taken a new direction in my life that uses digital photography as its driving force.  I create under the moniker "The Arizonan Yeti". 

I am a photographer.  No, I am not an event photographer unless of course your event gets in the way of my photography.  I consider myself a creative photographer, trying to capture scenes of the mundane and ordinary and turning them into majesty and beauty.  My self-created mantra for these works is that "the most beautiful place in the world is right there where you're at."

I hope to provide images that evoke a sense of satisfaction for the viewer, knowing how common the subject is while achieving a fresh understanding of the beauty that has otherwise evaded them.  I hope to show, through my photography, that we possess the power to observe all things in our environment with a gratifying sense of satisfaction and joy as every single molecule in our world possesses its own individual aura of light and grace.

To give a occupational title to my efforts seems a little useless because so many terms apply (some of which I've made up myself).  Theoretical Photographer.  Creative Photographer.  Camera Hugger.  Digital Manipulator.  Light Hunter.  I'm sure that you can think of a few yourself. 

My efforts here are new.  Therefore my accomplishments are few.  However one of my photographs has been chosen to be printed and displayed at the Qlick Gallery in Amsterdam this December 2017.  I hope that this is just the beginning.


Please feel free to contact me about my work and comment on your impressions.

Sean Yeterian

a.k.a. "The Yeti"